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Military Funeral Information


Information about Military Funerals

In the United States military funerals are the responsibility of the 'Honoring Those Who Served' program.  It is their responsibility to provide a dignified funeral that honors the memory and the sacrifice of any military service member who dies  while in service or was honorably discharged.  Although all of the same physical preparation steps are followed for military funerals as with any regular funeral, it is the visitation and presentation of the deceased that is far more celebrated and ceremonious. 

Military funerals often include aspects such as an honor guard including at least one member of the same branch of service as the deceased, the folding and presenting of the national flag to the deceased next of kin and other such pageantry.  The good news is that the financial burden of a military funeral rest solely on the military itself, it is one of the small yet oddly sad benefits that a veteran earns for their years of service. 

There are a variety of military funerals offered, the one a person receives depends on their status of duty at the time of their passing.  They will either receive a standard honor, full honor, or armed forces.  All are a sight to see, the standard comes with a rifle party as well as a procession of fighter jets flying overhead in missing man formation.  All types also include a lone bugler playing taps.  In some cases a bugler may not be accessible at the time as there are so few buglers left in the United States, if this is the case taps will be played from a recording of a previous funeral.
In order to secure your veteran's military funeral your funeral director will need to see his or her DD Form 412.  Using this form the funeral director will know what type of funeral this veteran is entitled to and will be able to take over full control from there allowing the family to grieve knowing that their loved one and the military funeral arrangements will be handled with the utmost respect and professionalism.
In order to qualify for military funerals in the united states veterans must fit into one of the following categories: Active duty or Selected Reserve in the United States Armed Forces, Former active duty who departed under conditions other than dishonorable in the United States Armed Forces, Former enlisted servicemen/women who completed at least one term or period of initial obligated service in the Selected Reserve and departed under conditions other than dishonorable, Former servicemen/women who were discharged from the Selected Reserve due to a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.  The vast majority of presently enlisted men and women will qualify for some type of military funeral.

Rest assured that your enlisted loved one will receive the honors they deserve in the event that they do not make it home from combat, or pass away peacefully once they do return.

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