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Funeral Slideshows and Videos


Setting up a slideshow or video to honor a loved one at a funeral

During a wake many families choose to play slideshows and videos of the deceased either from their childhood or videos of recent events.   More often than not your funeral director will request that you provide a number of photos of your loved one so that they can compile a cd or DVD with a slideshow for viewing during the visitation or the wake.  Usually you will be offered a copy of this video by the funeral home.  These slideshows and videos are often created for funerals mostly for the benefit of the people who have difficulty viewing the body.  Not to say that the creators of the videos do not have the entire family in mind, but the people who are gathered around the video screen during a funeral are typically the ones who have the most difficulty approaching the casket.  For these people they can often find a degree of closure and solace in watching a video or slideshow of the departed.

Slideshows and videos for funerals are usually made up for twenty five or more pictures and some video clips if any are available.  When choosing the pictures for the videos and slideshows for funerals you will want to try to pick a number of pictures that the deceased would have approved of.  A funeral is not the appropriate time to be showing others those great pictures from your college days when you and the deceased got drunk and dressed up like the opposite sex and he or she ended up on the bathroom floor, or even pictures of him or her when they were heavier than usual.  The whole idea of slideshows and videos for a funeral is to leave everyone in the building with pleasant memories.  Although he or she may have thought that day was funny, odds are the seniors in the room are not too keen on looking at photos of their loved one who was intoxicated or incapacitated. 

Usually the background music on slideshows and videos for a funeral will be a quiet peaceful instrumental piece, or nature wind type sounds.  That being said there are some cases where people have decided to customize their loved ones funeral and play music that was an original piece composed and/or played by the deceased, or maybe just a song they loved.  There really are no limits to what you can do with a slideshows and videos for a funeral, it's just about what is tasteful for the rest of the attendees of the service.

In most case the price of slideshows and videos for a funeral will be built into the price you were quoted by the funeral director.  Most funeral directors are open to accepting other digital works from family members as well and can usually build them all into a slideshow or video for the funeral.  This is your chance to be a little bit creative, it can often be fun and a healing experience to go through your photos of your loved one and get them ready for a slideshow or video for the funeral.

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