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3700 Glenmore Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio

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37 E Kentucky Drive
La Center, Kentucky

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4207 E Lake Avenue
Tampa, Florida

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3840 Middle Ridge Road
Perry, Ohio

Funeral Home Careers


Is a career working in a funeral home right for you?

There are very few people out there who are built for funeral home careers. It might seem hard to take but it's the sad reality of it. Thousands of people thought they could do it and when it came down to it they were not able to perform. The nature of the work is like nothing anyone else can explain. Doctors and paramedics lose patients, but only a funeral director will wake up every day and know that every client he or she will see that day will either be no longer alive, or upset because their loved one is no longer alive. If you can wake up in the morning and go to bed at night knowing that this is going to be your life for at least every day until you retire, you might have a future in funeral home careers.

There are a number of different positions in a funeral home, but they are really difficult to define on a broad scale because every funeral home is run differently. In some funeral homes you will find those who have landed in a funeral home career that finds them responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the building only, others will find themselves funeral directors and embalmers. Contrary to popular belief in most cases the stereotypical 'Undertaker' that most people picture in their mind is really only a fallacy. Most funeral homes are small enough that their funeral directors or undertakers as most people refer to them, have many jobs within the funeral home. Typically the person you talk to when you call in to report a death is the same person who you will meet with to make your arrangements, and is the same person who performed the embalming, and is sometimes even the same person who picked up the family in the limo, or is driving the hearse to the church.

Funeral home careers can be some of the most emotionally rewarding careers available today. This might sound shocking but if you think of it for a moment from this perspective: you go to work every day and deal predominantly with the deceased, if you do a great job every single time to step in the door you will have the opportunity to provide the kind of solace and closure that only the very best funeral service can to a complete family of living people. Truth be told funeral services have very little to do with the deceased beyond sanitation and disinfection, the funeral service itself is about the surviving family members. Everything a person does in any of the funeral home careers, whether it's keeping the building clean and safe for visitors, or embalming the loved one of the family who will be visiting this afternoon, it is all really about helping the living to get through the most difficult thing that might ever happen to them in their entire lives. If you are passionate about helping people in their darkest hour, funeral home careers are worth a look for you. There is always room for a caring compassionate person who is willing to do a job that almost no one else wants to do, in order to help people in a way that no one else could. Because so few people can do the job if it is in you to be a funeral director, you should.

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